The Law (and the World) According to Me

My First Weblog

I had a revelation recently that requires me to apologize to my dear departed parents and the rest of their generation. I get it now. It wasn’t that you COULDN’T figure out new technology (i.e., flashing 12:00 on the VCR, programming numbers into the cell phone). It’s that you didn’t want to. This bolt from the blue occurs as I realize that if I wanted to, I surely could get into apps, walls and tweets. I really just don’t want to.
I will, though. I’m sure of that. Unless I want to become obscure, I will have to. And frankly, there are some very useful apps out there for lawyers. Not sure about why I need a wall, though. It doesn’t seem that long ago that everyone was getting excited about hooking a telephone line into the computer to look at cases on Westlaw. I remember hooking up to America Online through my Erol’s dial-up account. My kids and I would wait a couple hours to download a game…
My son Caleb was content back then playing Boloball with me on the computer. Now, he is the Social Media director for The Family Law Offices of Gary Mezzy, LLC. He told me I need to increase my presence on the Web. I need to Tweet. I need to blog. I need to Facebook. (And why hasn’t the World’s biggest Thing come up with a verb for itself?)
So here is my first foray into weblogging, as it was known for a day or two. Adding my blog to what is already out there should have as much significance as the last guy in line at the unemployment office. But here it is anyway.
I hope to provide insights into things as I see them. I will try, as directed, to even tie in issues relevant to my chosen field as a Divorce Attorney. Stay tuned.


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